Frequently asked questions

How much does this cost?

Nothing! All of our tutors are free of charge, and are highly accomplished in the subjects they teach.

Can I sign up to tutor?

Yes, absolutely! Send us an email at with your name, the subject(s) you wish to tutor, and your credientials (such as the grades you have obtained in the subjects you wish to tutor, your age, education level, etc). Most of our tutors are high school students who have A's in their courses.

Can I sign my student up for multiple courses?

Yes! Register through our google form and indicate which courses you or your child would like tutoring in.

What do tutoring sessions consist of?

Our tutors are here to answer any questions your students may have, and are here to assist them with better understanding their subjects. A tutoring session depends on the needs of each student!

What if I have another question?

Email us at!

Who is eligible?

Anyone! We have no age or grade requirements, our free tutoring is open to all. The only limit is that tutoring must be done in courses that we cover, and we are still expanding courses. Feel free to request a course, even if it's not there yet.